Using files in Pictures as background in Gnome


I was trying to set a picture in the Pictures folder as the desktop background on my Fedora 30 Workstation (Gnome). However, even though there are quite a few, in “Settings > Background > Pictures”, it says that it can’t find any.

Would anyone know what the requirements of these pictures are? Should they be a particular size, and format, for example?


@FranciscoD, it works for me like this: right-click on picture you want in Nautilus (anywhere, not just in Pictures folder), and select “Use as the background”.

Interestingly, the background dialog itself shows only some (rather small) subset of images from Pictures folder and gives user no option to add/select a specific file – that’s quite strange behavior, i’d say.

Gnome itself (trying to be as simple as possible?) doesn’t provide any hints on which picture files does it choose:

It also offers to use right-click from Files/Nautilus or menu entry from Image Viewer application to use specific picture as wallpaper.

Yeh, this is what I was trying. None of my images turned up there :laughing:

I’ll go have a look at the Gnome docs too.