GNOME Boxes does not show Shared folders menu

Hello all,

I’ve seen in GNOME Boxes help guide, you can use “Shared folders” feature. However, I can’t. When I go to Properties → “Devices and shares” I just only see CD/DVD iso image and USB devices.

Currently, I’ve installed CentOS 8 in this VM.


Someone can help me?

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You can transfer files with Nautilus via SFTP or rsync/scp when you enable and configure SSH server.


when i needed share files trough gnome box, this helped me:

1-Read this post:

In fedora/ubuntu this package is called spice-webdavd, in the spices site web exits packages to windows guest too, but I have not idea how this package is incluide/called in the repos of the others distributions, maybe you need compile this from:

2- Don’t forget to enable “share folders” in fedora (at least the public one):

3-After that you did enable sharing in fedora and did install protocol spice in the guest, you should be disponible to share folders also remember that the guest need be running when you do select the folder in the menu Devices & Shares.



It’s nice but it’s not real solution of this problem.


First solution It’s correct.

sudo dnf install spice-webdavd
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