Font size inconsistencies KDE

I’m using Fedora 37 and have been switching mostly between Deepin and KDE environments. Deepin displays the

Brave browser URL and menu items nice and big like Firefox. However, application items don’t appear in the dock properly when open so I have been using KDE which has a functioning dock.

KDE displays the Firefox menu and the URL field nice and big like Deepin but Brave has tiny text. It doesn’t really matter which version I use it is the same either way. Also, the Audacity text is really tiny and when I go to open the files it opens the “Files” application and all of the text is too small in there as compared to Dolphin which I have set as the default file manager in KDE. Everything is fine in Dolphin, however some applications open up the files menu in “Files” which is a problem.

Does anyone have any solutions to these issues?

I figured out how to enlarge the font size in Nautilus under ~/.config/gtk-3/settings.ini but the issue in Brave browser still remains.