Flatpak update issues - revokefs-fuse socket - remote peer disconnected

Running gnome-software --verbose and trying to update flatpaks results in the following error message on Fedora 36.

flatpak Failed to get revokefs-fuse socket from system-helper: Remote peer disconnected

My understanding was that this was a blocker bug for F36 final release (congrats, everyone!) but I was still having issues from the beta.

On some forum (not able to find now) I ran this command which seemed to eventually allow updating via gnome-software successfully. I paste this below for two reasons:

  1. Was this the right thing to run? Should I expect any issues?
  2. Make it easier to find if others had the same issue.

sudo restorecon -v /usr/libexec/flatpak-system-helper

At any rate, thank you for making my computers work well.

Running restorecon is generally safe.
The instructions to do a system upgrade via dnf even recommend running fixfiles after upgrade,
which does the same thing for the whole system.