Flatpak crash with .desktop + wayland (Silverblue)


After my rebase to fedora 38 beta with both my dell laptop and miniforum mini-pc on silverblue, brave (flatpak forced to wayland) crashed, so i’ve launched it trough, terminal no bug.
Opened flatseal and boum same crash after some sec.
IT seem flatpak on wayland only (x11 removed by flatseal) do crash when launched by every other mean than terminal.


Not yet known, and i would like to someone have it replicated on yet a third device (if not i will share my both hardware config to find the culprit behind this).

Additional information

I will push my only change to default silverblue to help the replication.
I use the default image of silverblue, the only layver/override done are :

RemovedBasePackages: firefox firefox-langpacks 110.0-3.fc37
LayeredPackages: pam-u2f pamu2fcfg
Initramfs: ‘-a fido2’

And i do use gnome without any extension.

Since silverblue is easy to rebase/rollback i’m open to test fix that do not involve layering or package override.

@kparal why did you have moved it from fedora 38 beta ?
It’s a fedora 38 beta bug !!??

Hi Alexandra, I guess we’ll need to make the documentation better, sorry :slight_smile: The Common Issues category is about bugs which are severe, affect a large userbase, and we already know what’s going on and can provide documentation for the users. Proposed Common Issues is to draft those descriptions. It is not a place to list every bug possible or discuss them. See more at:

The best place to discuss problems in general is Ask in English and the best place to report bugs is https://bugzilla.redhat.com .

Sure thanks but i would prefer fedora centralize their own bug here, not very happy to have yet another account for bug reporting …

May push many people to simply not report them since it’s so complicated (meaning many account to post etc).

I have found out why some flatpak crash and not other, removing @@u %U @@, and replacing it by : %U solve the problem, so it’s a .desktop issue.

@kparal where do i report that (.desktop) ? gnome ? flatpak ? fedora ? redhat ? the app who have this desktop ?

Not another account, since you use the same credentials on bugzilla as you use here.

Bugs should be reported to the source. In this case it is the packager of the flatpak who seems to have made the error, so the bug would be reported to them. If installed from flathub then that would be the starting point, unless you already are aware of the packager and can report it directly.

AFAIK, flatseal comes from flathub and not the Fedora repos, so you’ll want to report this in the upstream repo, unless this is happening more generally and not just a flatseal issue?

It looks like Gnome 44 support for Flatseal was only added mere hours ago: [Update] Gnome 44 Runtime · Issue #512 · tchx84/Flatseal · GitHub

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