Flathub Input buffer too small

I experience an issue similar to Flatpack Issue: Input Buffer Too Short, but I have no gnome-nightly installed so the solution there does not work for me.

$ flatpak remotes
Name    Options
fedora  system,oci
flathub system
gnome   system
$ flatpak update
Looking for updates…

Info: runtime org.gnome.Platform branch 41 is end-of-life, with reason:
   The GNOME 41 runtime is no longer supported as of September 17, 2022. Please ask your application developer to migrate to a supported platform.
Info: applications using this runtime:

        ID                                             Branch            Op           Remote            Download
 1. [✗] org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default            21.08             u            flathub            1.0 kB / 129.8 MB
 2. [✗] org.gnome.Platform                             44                u            flathub           78.9 MB / 326.0 MB
 3. [✗] org.gnome.Sdk                                  44                u            flathub           93.7 MB / 664.4 MB

Warning: While pulling runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default/x86_64/21.08 from remote flathub: Input buffer too small
Error: While pulling runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/44 from remote flathub: Input buffer too small
Error: While pulling runtime/org.gnome.Sdk/x86_64/44 from remote flathub: Writing content object: Need more input
Updates complete.
error: There were one or more errors

Any suggestions?

Edit: I see this bug has been filed for it: 2217263 – 1.15.4-1 fails to install apps: Writing content object: Need more input

Edit 2: and this: 2023.4 appears to have made Flatpak regress · Issue #2900 · ostreedev/ostree · GitHub


Same issue with Fedora 38 spin KDE Plasma. Will check solution…

Edit: Checked, running flatpak with sudo does work. TYJ!

Running flatpak as root is neither required nor recommended.
The temporary solution is/was to downgrade ostree, the proper solution is to install the update that was just pushed to the updated repo (should reach you tomorrow).

See also Issues with installing app updates in Fedora 38 - #5 by augenauf

Um, it worked tho, and not doing it didn’t work, and I have always had miserable trouble with forced downgrades.

Fix by tomorrow? Nice.

Could running flatpak update with sudo have already broken something subtly? It didn’t throw any errors.

It’s usually not a good idea to run something as sudo/root when not intended. This can break file permissions or locations in certain cases.

No. There’s nothing wrong with running flatpak as root, especially since the default behaviour of flatpak is to act on the system installation (--system) in /var/lib/flatpak (which is owned by root).

The reason you don’t need sudo normally is because there are polkit policies in place that allow any user in wheel group (i.e. user with “admin” rights) to run flatpak.

You can see this policy in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.Flatpak.policy

Without this policy, all of us would need sudo (or otherwise switch to root user) to use flatpak with the system installation.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is sudo flatpak --user, which would install flatpaks in the user installation for the root user (/root/.local/share/flatpak).