Issues with installing app updates in Fedora 38

I would appreciate assistance with the following issue.

I’m attempting to install app updates via Software. My system has been in the position for hours of showing “Installing” for each app update but installation does not complete.

What would be the best way to resolve this?

Try sudo dnf upgrade --refresh in terminal. If there is an error dnf will display it for you.
If no error appears go back to software and see if you can do a refresh. Normally this way the update notification is going away.

The terminal did not show anything to update. I’ve refreshed Software and it is still showing the three apps to be updated.

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The issue with gnome software is likely the issue with flatpaks as noted in several recent posts.
The normal rpms are updated but there is an issue with flatpak update and since gnome-software updates both it appears to not complete.

You may see the same issue if one uses flatpak upgrade at the command line but there is provides a response as to why.
This is only one of several threads about this issue.


Issue is described in Flatpak install/update fails with "Need more input" or "Input buffer too small" - #3 by kparal

Solution is to run sudo dnf downgrade ostree or wait until the update containg the fix hits the update repo.

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This appears to be fixed with the latest updates…

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