Fixing Nautilus integration with Nextcloud

I have Nextcloud installed as a Flatpak and nextcloud-client-nautilus layered with rpm-ostree for the status icons.

This leads to me having two Nextcloud clients installed because nextcloud-client-nautilus installs nextcloud-client as a dependency.

Trying to uninstalling the layered nextcloud-client fails:

rpm-ostree uninstall nextcloud-client
error: Package/capability 'nextcloud-client' is not currently requested

Is there another way to achieve the functionality of nextcloud-client-nautilus with flatpaks or at least hide the layered client?

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(Following this thread since I’ve had the exact same issue with Dropbox flatpak and nautilus-dropbox (which pulls in the rpm Dropbox). I assume it would have to be built manually and installed as user, or possibly added to the flatpak, but I wouldn’t know how. Using the flatpaks provide a substandard experience, sadly.)

I am not sure if by status icon you mean the tray icon or not but perhaps this github issue might help you shed some light on the issue:

By status icon i mean the green checkmark on files in the synced folder image

But thanks, now that you mention it, the tray icon is also missing. I will follow the issue you posted!

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