Nextcloud Nautilus integration with SilverBlue, is this a thing?

I worry I’ve been posting a little too much, but another thing came up.

I’ve been able to install the nextcloud client through flatpak and it seems to work fine, but back when I had ubuntu I had really nice nextcloud integration. Has anyone gotten this working in Silverblue?

Just realising that this might not even be a silverblue thing but that the nautilus that comes with gnome 40 is new enough so that there isn’t a nextcloud integration with it.

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There are never too many questions! If you are on GNOME, in the settings there is an online accounts section with nextcloud as an option.

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I’ve added my account through here, and it looks like it hasn’t added nautilus integration. It might be that the new nautilus in gnome 40 simply doesn’t have it yet.