First draft preview of Appreciation Week CommBlog article

Hi all, I created a first draft of an example CommBlog post to publish during Fedora Appreciation Week. It is shown here, based off of the contributor stories we have collected so far:

It still needs a featured image, but I can work on this once the design work finishes up on the logo. Curious for any thoughts on this format, since we’ll replicate it for all other posts during the week.

cc: @bex @bt0dotninja @x3mboy @jonatoni et al

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I think it might be better to start with “Contributor Story #2 from Bee” (with link), then the title etc - in this way if they prefer they can just use the link and read it from there. Also, in the beginning, I was a bit confused if you wrote the first story or if it was about you because the first thing you see it’s your name - but then when you read it carefully you understand who wrote it. I would suggest having something like this:

Contributor Story #2 from Bee (bee2502)
Helped with IRC bouncer!
Who is this story about? Justin W. Flory (jflory7)
Description …

This makes more sense and is easier to read. I’ll make an edit later this week when I’m back in the US. :slightly_smiling_face:

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