Fingerprint reader replacement on Dell 5590

Hi to all.

I know this issue is not related to Fedora or Linux but, more specifically, to the hardware. Any help would be appreciated.
I have a Latitude 5590 that comes with a Broadcom fingerprint reader.

Here the output of lsusb command

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0a5c:5834 Broadcom Corp. 5880

I read this sensor is unsupported. I find a list of sensor working ( I think ) out of the box here:

Could be theoretically possible to replace the current reader with a supported one? Which one would fit my laptop, and where to buy it?

I’m writing from Italy.

Many thanks in advance.

fedora users can use my repo:

rpm -e --nodeps libfprint
dnf install libfprint-tod libfprint-tod-broadcom

and reboot (sometimes the first reboot not working and needs 2 reboot:-)

our packages directly from:

Hi, this is something that hundreds of thousands are waiting for (more or less). I’d like to give a try. Could I ask why don’t you use https nor GPG check in your repo. I’m not that IT expert…just compared with other COPR repo… :pray:

Hi Levente, I installed your packages but nothing happens.
I found this toping on freedesktop…

It seems to me that there is no solution. Any hint? Am I missing something?

did you reboot?

Yes! Several time since I installed the packages.

$ dnf list installed | grep fprint
fprintd.x86_64                                       1.94.2-3.fc37                       @anaconda                                 
fprintd-pam.x86_64                                   1.94.2-3.fc37                       @anaconda                                 
libfprint-tod.x86_64                                 1.94.5+git20221202+tod1-1.fc37      @lfarkas-libfprint-tod                    
libfprint-tod-broadcom.x86_64                        5.12.018-1.fc37                     @lfarkas-libfprint-tod         
$ uname -r

But any of the fpritnd command returns:

Impossible to enroll: GDBus.Error:net.reactivated.Fprint.Error.NoSuchDevice: No devices available

did you run:

Did after your suggestion. No output from running the command. I rebooted, but nothing change.

Did also try all the mentioned steps but didn’t get any results

From Dell website, your fingerprint reader is specific for Dell vault security, device has official support with two operating systems being Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu having a default Linux recovery image, try, poke around and come back to Fedora.

Thanks for replying. I searched around a bit. I found some solution for the 0a5c:5843 Broadcom device. None for the 0a5c:5834 which seems not to be supported by Linux. I don’t think specific distribution could do this.
Reading from fprint gitlab page you will find several posts by the owner

Benjamin Berg @benzea · 2 years ago


I am mass closing driver requests for USB fingerprint readers. The goal is to bundle them in a more concise format in the wiki:

You are welcome to use the wiki and add more information there. Write access will be granted to >anyone requesting it (file an issue or request to become a member).

The reason to close all these requests is that they are not useful to the core maintainers in the current form. This is due to the large amount of devices (~60) and because little new driver development is happening inside libfprint at this time.

Please note that this mass-closing of issues is not meant to force support efforts to move elsewhere. The primary goal is to create a more focused space for both driver development and libfprint maintainance. You are welcome to continue to use the libfprint issue tracker and now also the wiki. Feel free to reopen issues if appropriate, but please try to group information about similar devices where this makes sense.

In recent times, development in libfprint has mostly focused on more advanced match-on-chip sensors. This has often happened in collaboration with vendors. In contrast, the work on supporting sensor models where matching is done on the host was limited to reverse engineering efforts.

So I guess the search is over.