How can I get my fingerprint reader working on F40 if it already is available on Ubuntu?

So I’ve been trying to see if it is possible to get my fingerprint reader working on by Dell Latitude 5520 and so far, it seems like it might be possible, but I’m not completely sure. My fingerprint driver ID is 0a5c:5843 Broadcom Corp. 58200. According to this post on Reddit, someone was able to get this exact finger print driver working using this driver and some related dependencies. Someone else on the thread also mentioned that the driver could also be found here. Unfortunately, all of this is specific to Ubuntu and uses .deb files and instructions, so I can’t follow them using Fedora. I’ve seen some people host some COPR to help with the installation, but the only one I could find for this driver was this one and it doesn’t work for me (I guess because the latest version it supports is F39… If someone could help me out with this or give me some instructions on how to set it up and get it up and running on my system, it would be highly appreciated.

Alternatively, if I am actually on a wild goose chase and this is actually impossible, please let me know as well so that I can stop wasting time on this.