Fedroa 32, my computer crashes every time I try to install or remove a package with dnf

My computer crashes every time I try to install or remove a package with dnf, regardless of which package it is. Does anyone know what’s going on?

My current version is Fedora 32. Anyway, the dnf installation command works. After crashing I need to force reboot, and the package is installed correctly with its dependencies.

I’m not sure when this problem started. But I remember that a few weeks ago, when I was updating the system before the shutdown, the computer remained in the update message for hours and, contrary to what the message recommended, I forced the shutdown.

You may have left your packagedb in bad shape with that forced shutdown.

what is the output of the following command on the terminal?:
sudo dnf check

No !
How could one with no insight regarding the cashes.

All I can say is that my “pure Intel box” runs fine with F32 since beta was released, e.g. dnf works without errors

If we have no insight regarding the cashes and we want to help @joaovmachado, we should instead ask him for more information. Saying it works for me, doesn’t help anybody.


you could try to clean and delete the local packages with the right command line command. dnf clean packages
the next dnf update will take more time to rebuild the local repositories.

Hi joaovmachado and welcome

Twohot’s suggestion of ‘dnf check’ might give you a clue as to what’s wrong - if not, you should probably rebuild your RPM database (DNF uses it too).

The instructions are given here:


The context of this link is for problems after version upgrades, but rebuilding applies any time your database gets corrupted (and shutting down while dnf is updating will certainly cause corruption).

As the link says, it’s a good idea to back up /var/lib/rpm beforehand. Once it’s completed, you can hopefully use dnf again. Don’t forget that if the dnf package itself was being updated on forced shutdown, it might itself be corrupt.

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