DNF Update producing Error in Fedora 29

I am currently unable to successfully run DNF Update on my laptop due to the following error:

error: Transaction check error: file /usr/include/libplatform from install of v8-devel-1: conflicts with file from package v8-devel-1:6.7.17-7.fc29.x86_64

I don’t know what this means or why it is occurring - can anyone explain?

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This usually happens when mirrors are out of sync. It may go away with time. Or try sudo dnf --refresh upgrade and maybe it’ll go away now.

If that doesn’t work…

Luckily, your problem is with a -devel package. These are used for compiling software and not needed at runtime. Therefore, you can safely remove them at any time. (You can reinstall them after the issue is resolved, of course.)

In your particular case,

sudo dnf remove v8-devel

should clear up the problem. It may want to remove a bunch of other devel packages — this is fine. After doing this, sudo dnf upgrade should work without error.

Note that there’s often a separate case involving mismatch between i686 and x86_64 versions, but since yours are both x86_64 that’s not the case here.


great! thanks for your help. removing the package, updating and then reinstalling it has worked fine. :slight_smile:

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