Fedora34 for AARCH64 Virtualization from X86-64 via QEMU

I am attempting to visualize Fedora for AARCH64 on an X86-64 machine via QEMU. I am able to get a QEMU console running, but it informs me that the VM has not started display output. I believe that it is either in the way I am flashing the virtual disk with Fedora to the qcwo2 virtual disk, via the command qemu-img create dd if=Fedora.iso of=disk.qcwo2, or it could be that I am mounting the disk as hd0. Has anyone been able to do visualize Fedora for ARM (or any ARM OS) on QEMU?

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Have you checked out the Fedora ARM wiki?


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Unfortunately, this does not solve my issue, the docs say to use the Fedora ARM image installer which does not like my virtual disk. The system does not appear to start anything, and I am wondering if the disk needs a specific mount point, or a different format.

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Hmm I see -



What about these links? But I suppose that you have tried it as well.

Yah, unfortunately this is such an edge use case the documentation is extremely sketchy. However, in experimenting I got better results off of a Raspberry Pi build rather than vanilla arm. By better, I mean that I did not get a message saying the system was unable to start the display, but I did not get any display out.

Which of Raspberry Pi do you have? I guess the recent model isn’t supported yet. Just keep in mind :wink:

I own a 2B, but I was attempting to QEMU virtualize a 3B (QEMU has some interesting hardware emulators, and it can emulate specific SBCs and CPUs). I have nor attempted it on my physical hardware yet, but that could just be my best bet.

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Okay 2B should work referring to the Fedora-ARM wiki. It would be cool, if you can update your experiences here. :+1:t3:

Defiantly, the QEMU wiki for Fedora ARM is somewhat outdated (like last updated in 2015 with Fedora 12) so I may go in and work on that if I can get QEMU working. Thanks!

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Yea, unfortunatly it is out-dated. But if you want to work on the wiki page and update it - you’ll be welcomed :-)!!
The Fedora-Doc team will help you as well.

I know this is quite a bit latter, but I found virt-manager and qemu-user-static to work quite well. Thanks for the help!

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