Fedora Workstation 38 cannot adjust brightness

After installing Fedora Workstation 38 on my laptop, there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the screen brightness, which is stuck on max.

Model: ThinkPad P15V Gen 3
GPU: NVIDIA T600 Laptop GPU / Intel® Graphics (ADL GT2)
Drivers: proprietary (akmod-nvidia)
Desktop: GNOME

I had initially installed the KDE Spin, where the same issue was occurring; I then fresh reinstalled to Normal (GNOME). For both environments, brightness controls work normally in the live images, but “install to Hard Disk” in the live image doesn’t boot. Both times I switched to “Troubleshoot > Basic graphics” in GRUB to boot and run the install program.

GNOME currently does not have a brightness slider in the top right menu, nor does the keyboard FN keys work. I have installed the proprietary drivers for NVIDIA, after which the graphics section in About has switched from “software rendered(?)” to the correct hardware names. I have also added the following to /etc/default/grub:


/sys/class/backlight is completely empty.

Nothing has worked so far. Would appreciate any assistance as my eyes are rapidly burning out.

There are several posts with similar symptoms here. I don’t know if a solution has been posted, but one may search the forum and find out. The image at the top right of the screen opens the search bar.