Fedora won't boot any kernel

I left the pc turned on for a day, then I came back to use it again, but it didn’t show any image on screen, forced it to turn off by pressing the power button, turned on pc and then it took me to the grub, there I typed ‘exit’ and took me to the kernel list but neither of these options worked, any kernel I hit enter it shows a black screen for undefined time, tried to reinstall using a pendrive but happens the same, when I select the option ‘Start Fedora’ I get a black screen, tried to install mint but happened the same, can it be a hardware issue?

If Fedora did work before without such issues and now you have it with the existing installation, with the Fedora live image (I assume this is what you mean with pendrive?) and the same with Mint, a hardware issue is realistic. However, let us understand first when what occurs before we jump to conclusions because the case ain’t fully clear to me:

What exactly is happening here? When/Where do you have to type “exit” in order to get to the grub menu? Please elaborate this as precisely as possible. Do you maybe have a screenshot or something like that? (e.g., with a normal camera or so) At the best, of all you see.

So, when you are in the grub menu and hit enter at any kernel, the screen turns black immediately? Does it remain black with input from the system? Or does the screen no longer get any signal? Is the behavior with live images of Fedora and Linux Mint exactly the same? If not, how do they behave / where are the differences?

I don’t think this will help us, but just to take everything into consideration: what was your system doing in that time? Have there been maybe any external influences on the system or its screen? Can you test with other screens?

Also, have you made any changes or updates during this boot?

And have you tried to boot in basic graphics mode? (At the Fedora live images, in their boot menu: “Troubleshooting” → “Start using basic graphics mode”). And the rescue option in the grub menu of your existing installation? How do these behave?

Something else to consider is the behavior of packagekit-offline-update.service.
It is possible that you powered off while an update was in progress, or that an update was done and that you now have a graphics issue.

First off, does it give you a grub menu then go to black screen after selecting the kernel to boot? Or does it only give you the black screen without ever seeing the grub menu? I am not sure I understood the way you phrased the problem.

If it gives you the grub menu then try booting with an older kernel that has previously worked.

If it only gives the black screen then booting from the install media may be the first step to recovery.

This is exactly what happens.

I already did that, but I’m still getting the same black screen

That also gives me the black screen, that’s why I tried to boot using another linux distro, in this case I tried with mint but got the same result