Black screen after Fedora loading screen

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I’m having this problem ever since my kernel got updated yesterday. Starting Fedora on new Kernel >> “Black screen”. But I can still use “Alt + F2” to get to the “Terminal Screen” as I call it. Anyway I can boot into my older Kernels and I have read that this can have something to do with updating the Kernel but not it’s modules. I have simply not much of a clue about this kind of things but I would love to. I thought by updating the system everything will take care of itself but this time it’s not.
If anyone could explain me the situation or give me the next hint or even the solution, I would be more than thankful. I’m adding this picture of my boot entry. Hope this helps. I’m using Nvidia Graphics Card and I already installed it’s driver properly after I installed Fedora.
Have a good day y’all!!
Screenshot from 2021-03-22 12-00-26|690x256

Yes, I realized too that yesterday the kernel got updated to 5.11. This could explain that problem from you.

Yes but might be not ready for 5.11?!

Please check with an older kernel the following:
inxi -SGzx
and post it here.

Hey @ilikelinux,
thank you for your help!!
I checked this command and it gives me this:
Is this helpful? thx again!

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Should I update my Nvidia drivers? If yes, is there an easy way to do this? If not, can you please give me a hint on how to do so? I would be very thankful.