Fedora start in maintenance mode

Hello there, I’m using Fedora since 35 version and I’m in love with this distribution but, since yesterday it doesn’t start in graphical mode, it only starts in maintenance mode.
I log with my root password and I see with lsblk command that it doesn’t mount my /home partition, but I just update the mount points with “mount -a” and I can isolate the graphical target.

Why does it happens?
How can I repair it?

Thanks by the way.

Did you do the default install which creates a btrfs file system or are you using ext4 file system?

I suspect something may have become corrupted in the file system that prevents the automatic mount of /home,

If ext4 then, prior to mounting the file system, it may help to run fsck on that file system.
If btrfs then this site guides on how to check/repair the file sytem.

Remember to NEVER attempt to repair a file system that is mounted and in use. These repairs may alter things and being in use is a good way to further damage the file system or cause damage that was not already there.

You should always look at the output of dmesg and journalctl -b to see what the system logs tell you concerning the cause before attempting this type of repair. If you see something there that indicates the cause then fix that error instead of blindly trying different things.

Sorry, I found my self the solution.
The problem is that, in /etc/fstab file, the line dedicated to my /home it ends with " 1 2", it’s means that, in case of a problem, it will not start.
I change it to " 0 0" ant it works again.
It means, I guess, that I have a problem with the disk that I have to solve.

Thanks anyway.

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Yes, you are right, it’s because my partition in ext4. I’ll try to solve it with fsck as you say with a Live USB (Fedora obviously).

Thanks a lot.

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Hello again, i use fsck to the partion unmonted and it works!

Thanks a lot!

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