Emergency boot

Hi – I was trying to repartition my / partition and an error occured and now starting my laptop goes into the emergency mode and I’m not able to repair the superblocks.

Any suggestions?

Hi there - can you please share any error messages leading up to the drop the emergency mode as well as the outputs on mount and lsblk?

lsblk – command not found.

There is no error on booting up.

Do you see any errors with journalctl? It looks like it dropped here without mounting any volumes, so it could be related. If you have fdisk or parted, can you also give us the output of fdisk -lor parted -l?

I don’t know how the process is with btrfs but if I change any partition then it immediately affects the fstab because the uuid is no longer correct. This is the most common error with such actions when this partition is in the fstab which is the case with your ROOT partition.
There is nothing to change on the root partition when it is running!

Check the numbers with



nano /etc/fstab

I hope…

Thanks for the information. I have done a fresh install as I couldn’t figure it out. Issue has now been resolved.

Next time, start a Live system and fix the file system, configuration or whatever else from there.

This seems like the filesystem and partition are out of sync as though the partition table might have been updated without resizing the filesystem itself.