Fedora server 31 support for Perc 5/I-based machines?

Hi all-

I have a couple of servers, a Dell PowerEdge 2950 and 1950 that both use Perc 5/I raid controllers. I tried installing CentOS 8 but it didn’t recognize the disk array because support apparently was removed (7 does support it). I was wondering if Fedora 31 would have also removed support.

The obvious answer is “make a usb stick with it and try it”, but in this case the servers are remote enough that I can’t get to them very often, so it’d be nice to have some idea ahead of time, plus the servers don’t seem to like booting from usb, so I’m stuck tracking down dvd discs to burn the ISOs to, which is a problem itself in the age of usb-everything :innocent:.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!