Fedora on Surface Laptop Studio

Has anyone successfully installed Silverblue (or any Fedora flavor) on the Surface Laptop Studio?

I found these instructions on GitHub. Has anyone tried this?

I have not, but if this requires secure boot think there are official doc’s for using secure boot with Fedora. The signing key for a secure boot is the same I thought for Fedora since they use MS’s like all distro’s. Please see this topic https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/has-silverblue-achieved-verified-boot/27251 for some info.

I was thinking about the Surface Laptop Studio, but it turns out I was able to get a replacement X1 Carbon and I’m going to have it next week. I know that Silverblue works flawlessly on the ThinkPad, so the Surface option is now off the table.

I like my X250 Carbon a whole lot. My E530 Thinkpad runs Fedora Silverblue Rawhide wonderfully smooth in fact.