Fedora on rpi 3b+, anything like rpi os: "dtparam=sd_poll_once"?

Hello again

On the off chance that someone else has tried to install Fedora on their Raspberry, on a USB memstick, they might know that if /boot/firmware/config.txt of raspberry pi os needs a “dtparam=sd_poll_once” statement because if not a “kworker/0:7-events_freezable” process will take up ~10% of the rpi’s cpu all of the time, the given reason that it keeps looking for an sd card in its sd slot. This is true for my 3B+.

I used the minimal aarch64 build like in install Fedora on a Raspberry Pi 3 - Fedora Magazine now and there’s a “kworker/2:2+events_freezable” that’s constantly at ~1 - 1,5% of cpu. That is a lot less than ~10% however there is no /boot/firmware and no sign of a “dtparam=sd_poll_once” equivalent in Fedora so I don’t know whether it’s fixable. (I don’t know if it’s the same issue but the spawner is root in both cases and with the dtparam raspberry pi os has no “kworker” process constantly taking 1%+ cpu.)

If not I might just stay with 32bit raspberry os for my raspberry : ) Not the end of the world but I was looking forward to some newer packages .

I hope you all have a nice autumn.