Fedora Netinstall OR Everything?

I want to download the most minimal installation of Fedora without GNOME or any Server stuff. I found there are two options, Both are the same size & seems like does exactly same. So, what are the differences?
And which one should I choose?

Fedora Netinstaller

Fedora Everyhing


This seems to be the same iso. I am surprised that for the netinstall image they diferentiate between Server and Everything. Generally speaking the netinstall is Nothing, and you select what you want to download and install during installation.

Im my opinion, the netinstall is The recommended install option - the image used to be somewhere around 350 MB, not anymore…choose any of the two, there is only One netinstall.

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Under the “Net Install” it also says:

Note: You can select different editions of Fedora to install with this netinstall. You are not limited to Server edition only.

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Reply to The_Letter_M,

That’s Literally the SAME case with Everthing ISO. You get to choose Software & editions like - Minimal, Server, GNOME, KDE, Design, etc…
I think they both are Same. But it would be great if someone from dev team will explain it. Why bother to create 2 exact same versions.

You can find contact information for the Release engineering team here:

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You can find contact information for the Release engineering team here:

Thanks for that!
After talking with developers here is the difference -

“They are in fact not the same.
The server net-install has server defaults by default… so xfs filesystem is used, free space over 50g is not added to /home, but left as unpartitioned lvm space, etc.”

So, If you are planning to install a truly custom / minimal Fedora Desktop (not server), you should go with Everything ISO.


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