Fedora marketing - short promo videos?


I have several Fedora related AD ideas - that we can pull more interest in every release - with a 2-3 mins long advertising spots. I would like to highlight some new features, and/or our 4F values, or similar highlighted storytelling. I have already a music suggestion in my mind, and with all that I hope might others here are also interested in this - and give whirl what we are capable with FOSS tools.

I think, targeting with Fedora 40 we hit a nice round release, where this video can be the celebration, and could be a nice show before release/or together with the release.
My music suggestion would be the old TheFatRat song called “Infinite Power” - where we would use our infinity logo as constant cutscene, but as content we can show what are our powers, what we are developing, and how strong our mindshare, and so on. But this is only very basic idea, and needs a lot of scripting, and designing. So, the main question would be: do we have interest to make it, would it be worthy to ask cooperation with the music author and asking the use of his music - and have a tiny ad that helps to boost the community, and interest to our distro, and features.




I’d love to know more about this, the more content we have on our marketing team the better. Our only worry, as it always is, is manpower.

Join us on our Matrix channel or open an issue on our GitLab so we can discuss if and how we can make this happen!


I love this idea. A few years ago, there was some energy around creating a Fedora Video team, but it kind of disapated. I hope we’re in a better place to sustain an effort like this now.

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I think, thats why I said that we should not overcomplicate the videos. 2-3 mins for a spot is more than enough, within that 5-15 seconds of clips and should hit, follow the rythm and the messages. We can show that we are developing constantly, the generations who are with us, and the newcomers can see this. I still remember RH old marketing videos, that kicked me to use FOSS, and still remember that Ghandi saying, and the end I see the impossible - we together see how the airplain fly. We can create simiar concept, how we have develop newer and newer tools. I don’t want a chatty storytelling, but I think with a good royality free music can give enough inspiration, and we only need timed screenshots, short animations - that eg. Openshot can assemble. We have also open media clips sources, also we have our own arts and logos. In the age of AI, I think manpower a lesser issue, but yeah - I think we can do this. I have already played with invideo.io AI, and same assembly is not hard, just need some resource selection.

True, we tried it, but there was lack of tools that aided us. Openshot were so buggy, that I remember to the pain of middle of the rendering the app collapsed, destroyed the work. There was some 1 min invitation videos, trials, some interviews, but I think we weren’t ready. I think we have more video recordings about a bit everything, all we need first is to generate our own snipets, that we can use. Maybe once, at the 40th release, but who knows - we’ll see something crazy. Maybe we can storytell the line of FPL’s, how we have ended up with our great leader and how the users struggle 40 days of debugging - and we can end the clip the release desktop of Fedora with one famous bible sentence :slight_smile: He was also Matthew… :slight_smile: :wink: "For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matt 17-20. We will see, how far we can go, this time.