Seen any great Fedora video reviews lately?

Hey, I am working with the group of folks who are revamping the Fedora website. This is a little snippet of the current mockup for the workstation front page:

You can see there’s a link to “watch the latest reviews” and also a primary button link to a specific review (with filler text now.)

I suspect that oftentimes folks evaluating new tech and products now do look for video reviews of those things before they commit to trying them out. I don’t think Fedora would be any difference. This is a hunch - I’m open to being wrong on this.

But there are, every release, many detailed video reviews of Fedora, either standalone or comparing it to other distros and operating systems.

I am wondering if anybody knows either of specific video reviews of Fedora that would be worthwhile to promote to prospective new Fedora users, or specific video producers (can be a channel on YouTube or a PeerTube instance or Vimeo or Twitch or any platform really) that tend to put out good, reliable, high-quality reviews.

One idea I have for that “watch the latest reviews” link is to have a playlist on Fedora’s YouTube account (and ideally a peertube instance somewhere as that’s a FLOSS platform) that we update every release with helpful review videos we could share with prospective new users.

Anyway, let me know what you think about this idea, if you’ve seen any good reviews lately you’d like to share, or if you know of good reviewers who do a good job of this sort of thing in video format that we might want to keep on a watchlist to see if they look at Fedora.


I love that idea. A thing I’ve done in the past was to collect reviews in the Marketing’s IRC channel. I think is a great idea to continuing it in a better place. I’ve been always in favour of any md pad, like hackmd, but since we are using gitlab now, I think we can create a md file per Fedora Linux release, and inside we can format it to include not only workstation but other edition/spin/lab.



Oh, also not only video reviews, but written reviews from specialized media, e.g.: 9to5 andphoronix

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  • Nick from The Linux Experiment (both on YouTube and TilVids’s PeerTube instance) fits that bill perfectly. He has done a great video about his switch from Manjaro KDE to Fedora Workstation going on the pros and cons of his switch to GNOME.

    The video focus more about GNOME itself than Fedora, but it is a great video overall about the user experience of the distro itself.
(I’ll just keep adding recommendations here instead of new comments to the thread)

Also, if you guys are looking into other languages than English, Diolinux has proabably the best Linux related content in portuguese, and both his old testing Fedora (34) for a week and his review of Fedora 35 are extremely professional (although he had an issue running one of the games in his benchmarks with it) and with some genuine constructive criticism.

An extra nod to a (hopefully) dedicated Silverblue/Kinoite page, he has a really well done Silverblue review as well.


As @steiner eluded earlier, the latest one is from the Linux experiment. Nick is the one who is really fond of the Fedora workstation.

DistroTube released a balanced review on F35.

Chris Titus is a long-term user of Fedora among YouTube tech channels.
Chris debunked the myth of distro-hoppers and shares his view on the characteristics of Fedora Linux.

Fedora Linux is well-positioned in the tech community in Korea (where I’m from) as a developer’s choice. That reputation is hard to develop in a short period of time. These groups build their own opinion in the work/developer community, so their view is not always shared on YouTube. Below is the Linux OS share in Company A.


On top of influencers, I think it is a good strategy to speak out loud about Fedora software ourselves and under-the-hood facts. The thing is a vast majority of influencers talk too much about how the desktop looks (99% talk about the desktop environment), which encourages distro-hopping and say nothing about functional and technical advantages.

It’s SIG and the community who can deliver the right information. It doesn’t have to cost time and a lot of money. It only takes some imagination.

Key stakeholders/target groups: let’s start with developers and STEM education. How about creating a short video clip (screen recording with caption)? It does not require pro-marketers and an eye-watering budget.

Visuals are much better than lengthy static documents with screenshots. I think Raspberry Pi foundation does it quite well. Because it is so well documented in a video (short/animated video/sequence shortened) and shared on YouTube, people choose Raspberry Pi OS as the first choice in school for IT education.

Focus on key-value props such as package management, out-of-the-box user experience, QA, beta test, new feature release, developer use cases and so on.


I decided to go look for some Fedora 35 video reviews, found some nice ones, and actually learned a few things about Fedora 35 that I didn’t know.

I agree with @steiner , the LearnLinuxTV review is nice. I also liked a review by SavvyNik (Fedora 35 Linux Review - NEW UPDATES and Apps! with GNOME 41 as Default Desktop - (2021) Workstation - YouTube). Both of them are short, and do a good job of showing off Fedora.

I wasn’t aware of the Silverblue/Kinoite review, but I am interested in trying that out for Fedora 36.

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