Fedora Kernel issue on Ryzen processor machine

Good day everyone,
I am using Fedora on all my machines but meanwhile on the laptops (one is also relatively old) everything works as usual, on my relatively recent Ryzen desktop machine, which has a not so good video card, if I upgrade to the 6.2.x Kernel versions, it is not possible to boot.

I had to go back to 6.1.18 version due to the fact that upgrading to 6.2.x (any version), makes my PC not bootable at all, it stops on a dark screen before loading anything of the OS, making it unusable and unmanageable, not responding to any command, not even ctrl alt canc.
Then rebooting and at that point being able to see the grub, I’ve choosen the old 6.1.8 and after booting correctly into Fedora I made this old version the “default one” by terminal.

Every new update contains a kernel update, so I would like if it is possible to find a fix or if is it reasonable to keep the old kernel avoiding the Kernel update.

By the way Fedora is on his own hd, the default windows is on a different hd reachable by changing the boot order.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.