Fedora isn’t showing in triple boot Kali Linux grub

Hello I need a help, I want to triple boot with fedora Kali and win 11 (win 11 is pre installed) today I installed fedora then I installed Kali but whenever I restart or on my laptop fedora isn’t showing their I have to enter fedora through UIEF mode (boot option) how I can get fedora to Kali Linux grub and I have shrunk 2 partitions from win ssd all os is working but just have the problem with fedora not appearing in Kali
Grub help me or tell me the process with easy details so I can reinstall both again

Additional detail : trying to install fedora 39
Kali Linux 2023.4 and win 11 I have 500gb ssd and shrunk 65gb for fedora and 90gb for Kali and I did proper partition even with proper usb flash no process cancelled or anything I tried update grub but it only catches window not fedora

I assume Kali was installed last. I’m not familiar with it, but in many cases in multibooting, you can just a grub-mkconfig (or grub2-mkconfig) and it will find other systems. In my experience, Fedora’s grub is pretty good at that, so you might even try, going into Fedora through the Uefi menu that you mentioned, and, in Fedora, and doing grub2-mkconfig and then grub2-install (as my own multiboot uses another system’s grub, I’m not sure of the exact syntax, but probably something like
grub2-install target=x86_64-efi efi-directory=/boot/efi bootloader-id=boot

Note that efi-directory and bootloader-id will depend upon where your efi directory is (often boot/efi, but /boot might be all you need, and bootloader-id will also depend upon what your system calls it, it’s usually the directory containing the bootx6.efi file.
The Archwiki has a good page on it. With them, they call grub2 grub, but adjust to your system.

Fedora’s docs are also available.

Hopefully, someone with more Fedora specific knowledge will give a better answer.

It seems well known that when installing two different linux distros on the same machine that the last installed will control the grub config. It also seems well known that some distros seem to deliberately refuse to configure booting from another linux installation.

Most that I have read suggest removing the grub config from the distro that the user does not want to have control then to boot from fedora and use the grub2-mkconfig command to configure grub to control the boot and also allow booting the other distro. Fedora does normally see and configure booting a different distro with grub.