Fedora IOT - Kickstart File Issue: Infinite Restarts After Setting Static IP


Whenever I try to set a static IP in a kickstart file and create an ISO with this kickstart file, the installation is successful, but it goes into infinite restarts. If anyone has insights or suggestions on how to resolve this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

I am trying to add the static IP by adding the following line in the kickstart file

network --bootproto=static --ip= --netmask= --gateway= --nameserver= --device=enp0s3

The following is the full kickstart file used :


%post --erroronfail

rm -f /etc/ostree/remotes.d/fedora-iot.conf
ostree remote add --set=gpg-verify=true --set=gpgkeypath=/etc/pki/rpm-gpg/ --set=contenturl=mirrorlist=https://ostree.fedoraproject.org/iot/mirrorlist fedora-iot 'https://ostree.fedoraproject.org/iot'
cp /etc/skel/.bash* /root


# Keyboard layouts
keyboard --vckeymap=us --xlayouts='us'
# System language
lang en_US.UTF-8

# Firewall configuration
firewall --use-system-defaults

# Network configuration
network --bootproto=static --ip= --netmask= --gateway= --nameserver= --device=enp0s3

# OSTree setup
ostreesetup --osname="fedora-iot" --remote="fedora-iot" --url="file:///ostree/repo" --ref="fedora/stable/x86_64/iot" --nogpg

# Run the Setup Agent on first boot
firstboot --enable

# Generated using Blivet version 3.8.1
ignoredisk --only-use=sda
# Partition clearing information
clearpart --none --initlabel

# System timezone
timezone America/New_York --utc

# Root password
rootpw --iscrypted --allow-ssh $y$j9T$5nuOYuR6ASjCw7lBxiRP87gW$6FsZidk2YXCYh1XAB5Pp5NFSHeMzOAXUvlllCly5lZ4

I was unable to reproduce using the most recent Fedora 39 iso with the kickstart provided.

Could you post some logs showing the loop? Does it work with DHCP?

Hi Paul … thanks for your feedback, the machine goes to infinite restarts and I am not able to capture any logs !