Fedora-IoT related query


We are working on a platform based on arch64 and trying to port Fedora-IoT rootfs.

We have our own board’s u-boot and kernel image and following below method to achieve the same.

But we are stuck at the init process. Could you please guide is over here?

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Hi Jacob,

Have you red the docs here: Welcome :: Fedora Docs

As well as the contributing details: Contribute to Fedora IoT Edition :: Fedora Docs

The mailing list tends to be a better spot to ask those questions

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Thanks @pbrobinson or your reply.

We have made a SD card using arm-image-installer utility and after that we have changed the u-boot and kernel image (upstream kernel with our customised patches for our hardware). We parsed the commandline argument



Our kernel got stuck and throws below error.

[ 3.717428] Run /ostree/deploy/fedora-iot/deploy/23010389d9eb42baedcd764a2aca8afa2a5958e61477359526a3ea998f0c4d2d.0/usr/lib/ostree/ostree-prepare-root as init process
[ 3.737168] Kernel panic - not syncing: Requested init /ostree/deploy/fedora-iot/deploy/23010389d9eb42baedcd764a2aca8afa2a5958e61477359526a3ea998f0c4d2d.0/usr/lib/ostr%e/ostree-prepare-root failed (error -2).

Please suggest.