Rpm-ostree related query on imx8 NXP board


We are working on Imx8 NXP board and trying to port Fedora-IOT on the same.

We have extracted the Fedora-IOT rootfs from the raw image Fedora provides for Rpi3 board. We are able to up the NXP-imx8 board with Fedora-IoT rootfs.

However, we are unable to use the libostree as it throws the error for the same as below.
[root@localhost ~]# rpm-ostree status
error: This system was not booted via libostree; cannot operate

Could you please suggest how to integrate libostree over here?



We have applied " $ touch /run/ostree-booted" command and after that facing issue While applying below command.

[root@localhost /]# rpm-ostree status
error: Timeout was reached

Please help.

Can you paste the output of journalctl -b -u rpm-ostreed?

Are you sure you used the Fedora IoT raw image and not the “traditional” one?


[root@localhost ~]# journalctl -b -u rpm-ostreed
– Logs begin at Tue 2020-12-08 00:00:01 UTC, end at Wed 2020-12-30 03:56:04 UT>
– No entries –


[root@localhost ~]# rpm-ostree status -b
State: idle

[root@localhost ~]# rpm-ostree status
State: idle
Version: 33.20201215.0 (2020-12-15T11:17:41Z)
Commit: 23010389d9eb42baedcd764a2aca8afa2a5958e61477359526a3ea998f0c4d2d
GPGSignature: Valid signature by 963A2BEB02009608FE67EA4249FD77499570FF31

Here, why the BootedDeployment is empty?

Parth Y Shah

Are you doing something like chroot into the target rootfs? Or using a container tool like bwrap/systemd-nspawn -D/podman --root ?

If so, why? What is your goal?

Hi @walters,

Our goal is to port Fedora-IoT on imx8 board and to run various IoT demos on the same.

What is the role of this command? Also, we have not used this command, from where we should run this command?

Hi @walters,

Please find our project’s work till date as below and suggest.