Failure of services on Fedora-IoT rootfs


We are working on Imx8 NXP board and trying to port Fedora-IOT on the same.

We have extracted the Fedora-IOT rootfs from the raw image Fedora provides for Rpi3 board. We are able to up the NXP-imx8 board with Fedora-IoT rootfs.

Below mentioned services are failing for us:

  1. [FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.
  2. [FAILED] Failed to start Network Name Resolution.
  3. [FAILED] Failed to start Modem Manager.
  4. [FAILED] Failed to start NTP client/server.
  5. [FAILED] Failed to start D-Bus System Message Bus.
  6. [FAILED] Failed to start Mark boot as successful in grubenv.
  7. [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Multi-User System.
  8. [FAILED] Failed to start Home Area Manager.
  9. [FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Module drm.
    10.[FAILED] Failed to start Network Manager.

Could you please guide us how we can resolve this?


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@saurav19pandya How did you boot? A number of your questions in this, and other forums, suggest you’re not actually booting the board with this filesystem.

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Hi @jcm,

We have created the tmp directory in the /root and after that all the services are working fine now.

[root@localhost ~]# ostree admin status
fedora-iot 23010389d9eb42baedcd764a2aca8afa2a5958e61477359526a3ea998f0c4d2d.0
Version: 33.20201215.0
origin refspec: fedora-iot:fedora/stable/aarch64/iot
GPG: Signature made Tue Dec 15 11:17:49 2020 using RSA key ID 49FD77499570FF31
GPG: Good signature from “Fedora
[root@localhost ~]# rpm-ostree status
error: This system was not booted via libostree; cannot operate

**Workaround **
[root@localhost ~]# touch /run/ostree-booted
[root@localhost ~]# ostree admin status
error: loading sysroot: Unexpected state: /run/ostree-booted found and in / sysroot, but bootloader entry not found

Why this ostree admin status fails after touch /run/ostree-booted?