Fedora failing to boot after M.2 SSD installation


I feel like my problem is a combination of a hardware and a software problem. As the only computer forum I’m registered too is this one, I am just posting this here.
I just installed an additional SSD in my desktop computer. It is a WD Blue 500 GB M.2 SSD. My motherboard is a MSI B450 A Pro. After installation of the M.2 SSD, Fedora (and Debian too) fail to fully boot. Fedora tells me that a timeout occured while waiting for /dev/disk/by-uuid = my new ssd’s UUID. The SSD is recognized in the UEFI without a problem.
What could be wrong?

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Most likely a missing kernel module. Did you perform a clean install?

The easiest way to check if it’s hardware related is to try booting a live-CD/USB. If you can access the drive this way try rebuilding the initrd.


No, I didn’t do a clean install, but the SSD is fresh and there is nothing on it. Fedora is being booted from another SSD in my PC. I tried the Live USB, but the Live OS failed to detect the SSD. I guess I’m just unlucky and got a faulty SSD.


The SATA mode was already set to AHCI. The SSD can be seen in the UEFI under M2.

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How did you get the UUID? Was the ssd accessible by the system at any time? If yes try to restore this state and use dracut -f to regenerate the initrd. If no the air is getting thin…

Next in line would be to check if the ssd works when using another motherboard or USB-extension if possibel.

I found out what was causing the problem. There is another SSD in my computer, on which Windows 10 is installed. This partition is auto-mounted on boot as I use this partition for cross-OS data access too (and Windows can’t read ext4 formatted drives, so I store data that I also need to access on Windows on the Windows partition). Apparently, this auto-mount prevented access to the new M.2 SSD as it is working fine after I commented out the auto-mount. I am still at odds as to why this occurs as I am not using any of the SATA ports that the M.2 SSD now uses, so there is no conflict.

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