Fedora dual boot windows 10

Hi, how i can get dual boot with windows.
Im on Fedora Workstation 40 grub2 installed.

Install windows first then make empty partition for fedora then install fedora

Take of fastboot from bios, take windows recovery key on paper you will be asked that after fedora installation when first windows boot comes

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I need extra steps but finally have windows10 on grub2.


  • change bios to not start on fedora automatically.
  • install w10.
  • enter on w10 and disable hibernation and fast startup.
  • change bios to start on fedora again.
  • reboot on fedora.
  • mount NTFS partition on /mnt.
  • add w10 to grub2.
  • change bios to start on fedora again.

Just hope a Windows update does not bork the Bootloader, it will eventually happen. Just be prepared for when it does.

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Ha! Thanks for the warning :wink:, hug!

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