Fedora Dont Load Stream

Hi, for some reason, I dont know about it, on google-chrome or firefox not load video in (youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit) or not load a song on spotify.

I was installing all library or code, to play video and music, and work fine, i can see video, listen music, etc. But in a few hours, this already stops working and I can’t play videos in HTTP. My internet is good, and work fine.

Why i cant see stream on http?

Hi @zurdenro
For video stream in web browser google-chrome and yandex-browser responds lib libffmpeg.so
In yandex-browser this lib path /opt/yandex/browser-beta/lib/
if this lib size > 16 mb was all ok, else may be problem with playing video.
Google-chrome default player video no problem, firefox too.
Why not worked in you, don’t know, may be problem with hardware?
Spotify i’m install with flatpak from https://www.flathub.org/apps/details/com.spotify.Client
Video codecs from the operating system, in theory, do not affect video playback in the browser, as far as I understand
Although I may be wrong

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Hi @aleksandershad thanks for answering, currently dont have problem, it only happened 2 times since I install fedora.

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Some times i’m a problem with hardware, when update kernel… But it’s happened seldom