Graphical and video playback issue

After last update of my fedora workstation, i am facing so many issues with graphica of my system.

  1. Am writing this from same sysytem on firefox browser, while writing this text i couldnt see the blinking cursor( the one appears while typing and moves as we move through the words)
  2. the firefox couldnt play some video formats ex: linkidin videos , live tv video,etc. but youtube is working fine. In chrome while playing youtube the frame rate is dropping like 4k video played in HD screen. but audio have no issue. sometimes the youtube controls are disappearing while playing.
  3. even chrome has also some similar issues, i have attached few screenshots.
    this is the first time am using the fedora os. i dont know much about it. but i liked it very much due to its performance. please anyone help me or else i need to uninstall it!!!
    i have tried reinstalling both software and also tried to install all the updates of fedora till date.

The default fedora installation is missing some proprietary codecs needed for the playback of some videos. There are two ways to resolve this.

  1. Rely on the flathub version of browsers/media players. Flathub packages all the needed codecs, so it works even when yhey are not present in the base system. This is my preferred way of doing it. The link below will take you to the flathub page. Clicking the install button will download a file, opening it through gnome software should let you install firefox (or you can look for chrome through the search bar if that is what you want).

  2. Install the codecs from rpmfusion. It is a very trusted third party repo that packages many things Fedora can’t for legal or other reasons. rpmfusion has a great guide on how to do this.