Fedora dist-git stats



Check this out:


Stats gathered from dist-git (i.e., https://src.fedoraproject.org/) on commits and committers over the years!


Wow, this is awesome! :grin:

Do you know what the y-value represents? Does “value” mean commits made or total number of committers? I’m guessing the latter.

I wonder what anomaly explains the jump in 2010. It’s interesting how it’s mostly been consistent since 2011. A first interpretation might say we haven’t grown or shrunk, but just maintained a baseline over the last eight years.


Whoa, this is awesome!


I think 2010 is high because it is when the cvs => git transition happened. In the cvs era, commits are recorded from @fedoraproject.org, and in the git era, by whatever email is in the git commit. So most users are doubled in 2010.

(For email addresses you still have access to, you can add them to a github account, and sign in with github to the site, it will collect those contributions together.)


Neat! Thanks for the explanation. I wonder what the activity really looked like in 2010 since it seemed to be the flux year right before we hit the baseline we’re holding now.

I’m still unsure if it’s measuring commits or committers though.


Committers. If you click through the link you’ll find another graph for commits.