Fedora Coreos Older Version

Dear All,

Can anybody help us to find out the older version of all stable baremetal fedora coreos versions or is there any way to find out the lists of all previous stable releases. As on site, we saw only few releases (3 to 5 versions only) which changed periodically as with new update and it is difficult to find out older release version?

Have you tried torrent that

But i need only list of older version

All previous releases are archived here:


What do you mean by “list” please? We’re on Fedora 35 now, and it just goes all the way back to 1.

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Thanks Ankur, after searching, i got the fedora coreos builds from below URL

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Ah! “CoreOS”. Sorry, I read it as Fedora core OS (Fedora used to be called Fedora core back in the day).