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Hello Fedora-coreos !
The documentation about fedora-coreos states that the stable version should be available late 2019 ( ).
And, well, we are in 2020 now ( happy new year ! ) and the project board still seems rather big ( ).
Do you have any news/ETA concerning the stable version as the actual coreos is supposed to be “unofficialy” EOL ( Launch FAQ: Does Fedora CoreOS replace Container Linux? What happens to CL?) ?



I talked to @mrbleu in IRC as well, but thought I would update here. We have recently discussed creating a stable stream (see our last IRC meeting notes) and are in the process of putting all the pieces in place to make that happen. It won’t be too long now, but we can’t give any exact timelines.

Regarding Container Linux, It’s not EOL yet. There will be a proper announcement when that happens.

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Thanks for the update @dustymabe .

Fedora CoreOS is now out of preview!