Fedora 32 beta and CoreOS


Fedora 32 Beta is out https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/announcing-the-release-of-fedora-32-beta/18156

Do you follow this pattern, and release date ? Or FCOS is an alternative project with its own release process ?

Hi @vana - Fedora CoreOS has an auto update model such that users don’t initiate updates themselves. We have streams that users can follow. Our three main streams are stable, testing and next. Since Fedora CoreOS was just released stable in January this will be our first transition across a Fedora major. Soon we will have next set up with Fedora 32 content and once we are comfortable with the stability of our upgrades that content will then show up in testing and eventually stable. Typically I foresee us lagging behind the Fedora 32 release by at least a month.