Fedora Badges: long term maintenance discussionšŸ™‡

Hey Folks,

Fedora Badges is one of the most loved projects in our community but itā€™s in a bad state right now. There are multiple problems with it ranging from outdated compatibility with our authentication system and messaging bus, to it using a not-so-friendly framework for community members (Pyramid). All of these combined make it a tricky application to approach and fix.

The Community Platform Engineering team have been discussing in recent weeks what would be the best solution to fix badges, whether a rewrite of the application would be best or whether a refactoring is the way to go. The problem though is that unfortunately Fedora Badges doesnā€™t fit exactly into the CPE team mission, but we do understand its importance in the Fedora community.

We felt that the best course of action to make Badges better for everyone is to try to make space for a project ā€˜teamā€™ of sorts that is made up of folks from the CPE team and Fedora community volunteers who would work on developing a solution for the Badges service together, from ideation to delivery. But first we need to assemble the Avengers Team and some terms and a proposal of who will take on what work needs to be agreed on.

While the Badges application is not within the CPE teams remit to maintain, the CPE team would like to offer to:

  • Collaborate with the community maintainers to investigate the best course of action to make the Badges service more stable and maintainable
  • Pair with the community maintainers to assist them in rewiting the application
  • Assist them while integrating the newer service/version with the rest of the Fedora projects apps.
  • Provide power and ping to the service
  • Help with writing good documentation for troubleshooting and a standard operating proceedure for the service to make sure its easier for people to understand how it works and contribute to in the future

On the community maintainer(s) side, we would like them to:

  • Contribute to the writing of the new app
  • Keeping up to date with Fedoraā€™s application integration
  • Updating/resolving CVEs and dependencies change
  • Responding to issues/PRs opened by community members.

So before our team can move ahead, we would like to reach out to the Fedora community to ask for a maintainer(s) for the Badges application who will be able to work (part time is fine) with the CPE team in developing a better Bagdes for all!
If you are interested in working with us to improve the Badges application and become its maintainer, please respond here before 2022-09-14T18:30:00Z.



Hey @siddharthvipul1

Great news!

I am interested to help u out as one of some maintainers Badges application.



Great news indeed, love to see Badges finally getting some love again, it might not look a lot like it, but I always found it to be a great way to motivate new and long time users alike to contribute to the community and participate in its events!

I wish I had the technical skills to help with that.

Since Bodhi also is based on Pyramid framework, maybe the new maintainer and the CPE team can find a way to share some code between the two apps? The Bodhi interface to the authentication system has just been be reworked by abombard; the messaging bus interface was already been migrated to fedora-messaging long time ago.