Fedora at FrOSCon: Preparation

I just received information from FrOSCon (and they say another email with further information shall be sent in the next days).

Theoretically, we can start to prepare the booth at Friday beginning at 17:00 (but they warn that on Friday, things like power and such are maybe not available). Alternatively, we can prepare the booth on Saturday just before the FrOSCon starts. The FrOSCcon starts Saturday at 09:30, and we can start to prepare the booth Saturday beginning at about 07:00.

I assume it is sufficient to do everything on Saturday, and my expectation is that it ain’t take much time. So I guess it would be sufficient to team up at 08:30 or so? What do you think @bookwar @raphgro ?

Based upon the last FrOSCon thread and the email traffic, I planned to bring:

  • two protected power strips (each with 6 sockets), each 2m
  • one power extension cable, 3m
  • one Cat7 RJ45 cable, 3m (I assume we do not need one at all)
  • three packages of swag from Red Hat

According to the email, we will be provided with one RJ45 cable that is connected to the infra.

I requested one table with 1.20m x 0.80m, and 4 chairs, but I have not yet received a confirmation if we receive all that. I assume the next email will let us know.

@raphgro @bookwar anything else I should bring?

(This is the follow-up for Fedora at FrOSCon 2022: Presence? )

Thanks for sharing that important information. I’ll be at the event on saturday before 9:00. Around 30-45 minutes should be enough time to get our booth prepared as I can remember from past. No need to meet as a project group before in friday evening due to then initially general event preparation with infrastructure offically takes place.

Especially I wonder how four chairs can fit on such announced small table with just 1,2mx0,8m in size. For sure planned 40" projection isn’t senseful & so does not work, there is need of more space in between beamer and screen of ca. 123cm for good readable quality. Therefore we should get confirmed info about really available booth space and I propably omit transportation of maybe useless beamer&co. IMHO there should be an external screen somehow at the booth to do public presentation & let people play around. Personal notebook doesn’t seem best option.

There is an electronics market nearby the university, so in case we can buy a cheap TFT & additional cables etc. But I hope I’ve prepared everything in my bag.

BTW there is official irc channel on libera chat named #froscon for questions and organisation, feel free to also /join #fedora-de , in both channels I’m idling sometimes.

That was my guess, too.

Well, the chairs are not specifically for the table but in general so that everyone of us can have a seat. Concerning the table, we already agreed on one in the last thread, especially as it was already announced that there is no guarantee that we get more.

I still think that my old 24" LCD would be sufficient. We have not planned a presentation or such. I expect that here and there one or two people are interested in playing a bit with Fedora, or checking out the behavior/differences of things like dnf or such. Mostly it is about exchange of information and experience I guess. Nevertheless, I have no previous experience of the past events. So I will not oppose if someone wants to organize something bigger. As elaborated before, I can bring things that were sent in advance to me (although I have not much space left), or pick up things around the Froscon area/St.Augustin on Saturday (but I doubt that there will be much time for going to buy something in the morning). Also, I cannot store it after Froscon. So I don’t think buying a screen for FrOSCon is a good option.

The announced email from the FrOSCon organizers shall contain a plan of the booths. Hopefully, it will be sent soon.

Well, at the worst, there is still my 24" LCD, which is at least better than a notebook screen :slight_smile: But I have no suitable machine I could bring at the moment. So someone else has to bring one. I think @bookwar already proposed a Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone if Fedora works properly on them?

Okay, let’s forget about beamer&co. for now due to limited space but keep the idea for further events - hopefully in south of germany to reduce my transportation effort.
If you can bring any screen that would be great. I’ll provide a RasPi and a mini pc, besides my old and small notebook. Those devices have HDMI for external display, can your LCD support or maybe some adapter needed?

It has HDMI, DVI, VGA. That one.

Regarding timing, I think there is not much value to setup a both early. We don’t have too much fancy stuff, so I wouldn’t try to be heroic.

I am going to come on Saturday around 9 and figure it out from there.

I’ll bring a Beaglebone and we will see if we can do a blinking LED light with latest Fedora.

But I’d also say do not overengineer it and don’t forget to have fun.

I just forwarded you the recent information from the organizers. So meeting around 09:00 makes sense I think.

I will have the stuff mentioned above with me, including the 24" LCD. I will have a HDMI cable but it is not very long. So if you have a long one feel free to bring it @raphgro

See you on Saturday!

Btw, Marie asked for some photos. My phone camera has no good quality. Would be good if someone of you could bring something with a better picture quality.

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