Anyone going to GUADEC and wants to staff a Fedora table?

Hi folks!

We have been offered an opportunity to have a Fedora table at GUADEC 2022. Are there interested Fedorans who will be there and willing to staff a table? Please comment below if you’ll be there and willing to staff the table (please note which days/what times you are available). If we get enough interested folks we can make this happen :slight_smile:

Here is what is recommended/expected from table staff:
We recommend having the table staffed at least all 3 talk days (July 20-22) during all of the conference breaks and for a short time at the end of the day. Optionally, it would be good to have some staff at the table in the morning before the start of the conference as some attendees like to arrive at the venue early. Here’s our full conference schedule, the breaks are highlighted in blue and purple: GUADEC 2022 (20-25 July 2022): Timetable · GNOME Events (Indico)


I’ll be at GUADEC and I could volunteer 2-4 hours each weekday at the table, and more time on the weekend. However I will also work on the weekdays, so my availability is limited. But if there are other Fedorans coming, we could make something work.


Hi, I will be there, I can be the host in the Fedora stand, just with a few interruptions for calls of my job, so please consider my name and shared it with the rest of the people available to sync

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Cool. If we can get a group of at least three together, that would be great! Otherwise I think it will be hard for us to have an even coverage for the stand.

Also, @riecatnor, how would the table set-up work? Would we have a tablecloth and swag, or would we be there only with what we bring? In the past, I worked with regional shippers to get an event box mailed to either me or the venue ahead of time. Not sure what makes the most sense here and what GUADEC can accommodate us with.

I know about one people from RedHat that will be at the event, if you need at least 3 people I believe I can find them here in GDL to help me.

About the box with stuff for the stand, I will be receiving some packages for the GNOME foundation at my home, I can do the same for the Fedora stand.

Hey folks- since we have at least you two, and most likely others, we are going to send out a tablecloth and some swag for a table :slight_smile: The conference organizers directed us to ship these items directly to the conference venue, so I believe the booth will have the items there for set up (or already set up?) and in an obvious location. I will be working & around online on the 20th, so if you run into any issues please text me via Fedora Element or Signal (@jflory7 and I are connected there!)

Thank you for volunteering to hang at the Fedora booth at GUADEC :pray:
I hope it’s a great time and please take some pictures and share them back with the community :raised_hands:


Super. I’ll block some time to hang out at the booth. I’m also bringing some of my own open source swag, including the classic Fedora stickers (and so many Silverblue stickers!) to add to the swag pile. :grinning:

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