FrOSCon conference 2024 in Germany: organisation of booth, project(s), presentations/workshops, or just form a group to meet

I have just received an email from the organizers of the FrOSCon: an annual conference organized and sponsored by the University of Bonn, the University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Sieg and several companies in Sankt Augustin in Germany. The conference is free for everyone.

I cannot contribute this year, and I expect that I cannot attend myself at all. But in case there are people interested to organize and provide a booth for Fedora (“Call for Projects”), or want to present something or provide a workshop (“Call for Papers”), or just form a group of Fedorians to meet up there, feel free to use this topic.

Please be aware that there are deadlines for the Call for Projects and the Call for Papers: Before 23th May for both. That’s why I put this topic here early.

Although I cannot do much this year, feel free to ask here if you have questions or so. I have some experiences with the conference from the recent years. But organization and such used to be straightforward.

Here the email of the organizers:

@jbley @bookwar @bachenberg @raphgro Maybe this is interesting for you :slight_smile:


Indeed, some interesting features to present with Fedora 40. People also start to ask if possible Release Party.

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Yeah I saw the comment. But I think it is too late to organize an F40 party, although it is likely that I will be in Germany much of the second part of May (… just in case “late party plans” rise :smiley: ) . But I assume FrOSCon is too late to be combined with a type of F40 party, and too early for F41 :exploding_head: Yet, it could be used to give previews of F41 & what is then-available in rawhide.