Fedora at FrOSCon 2022: Presence?

The 17th FrOSCon will take place in August 2022. Are there already plans for Fedora?

I will not hold a lecture, so I might focus on supporting at Fedora. I live in the area anyway :smiley:

Anyone else to go to FrOSCon?

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I’ll be there trying to hire you! We are looking for new Colleagues:

If you give me Fedora Merchandise I’ll hand it out with our own Flyers.

It looks like Fedora will not have its own presence. I was said that last year it was also just openSuSE and Debian. But I will be there, maybe I can find a Fedora shirt or such to balance the absence of a stand :wink:

@bachenberg , has DW its own stand at FrOSCon?

@py0xc3 Hi, as a Fedora contributor and pastly joined FrOSCon I’m interested to promote Fedora project in this year again. Maybe we can arrange something small like a workshop or the like?
As I’m no ambassador I can’t take ownership for Fedora booth, maybe you can create a wiki page as we did so in past years for official planings?

@bachenberg Your job offer sounds too good to be true neither believable.

I am also no ambassador. This is why I was asking :wink:

The registration deadlines have passed last Sunday.

I am no DevOps engineer, but I do not see a reason to mistrust the Deutsche Welle job offerings. Looks like a plausible announcement on the official dw website to me.

Please be a bit careful with such comments @raphgro . When in doubt, always assume the best of intentions from other community members :slight_smile:

However, this might be not the appropriate place to share job offerings I think @bachenberg

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We will have a small booth again, probably on the edge of the partners, but that’s always a coincidence.

Please all come to FronsCon and visit our booth. We are really looking for many new colleagues in almost all areas. Because in the next few years a lot of colleagues will retire. Also I would be very happy to meet other Fedora enthusiasts.

Please don’t hesitate to sign for a project stand on your own. You don’t need to be assigned a special role to represent Fedora Project at events. Sign in for a booth, request swag, post a call for help in Fedora community - and we will make it work.

I actually wanted to sign for a project booth this year but then too many things happened, I got very distracted and missed the deadline :frowning:

If anyone is in contact with FrOSCon orgs and can somehow sneak us in even past the deadline, please let me know.

Thanks for the information!

Generally, and especially if it is about events in the area around Bonn-Cologne-Dusseldorf, feel free to let me know if you need support to get things organized. You do not need to do everything on your own.

I have written an email to the organizers to find out if it is still possible to get a booth. It is worth a try. I set you on CC.

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This is good to hear.

Some time ago I created the Meetup group for Fedora in NRW folks thinking that we might get something happening in the area: https://www.meetup.com/Fedora-User-Group-NRW/ I even organized a Release Party once, when I had a job with the office where I could invite people :slight_smile:

Then of course, pandemic happened. But I decided to keep it for now, hoping that we can revive it someday.

FroSCon is a really nice summer event, so looking forward to the reply from the orgs.

And also, it is nice to have someone German-speaking willing to join. My German is still a bit problematic :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: Please count on me for possible booth member. Maybe @robert could do logistics with our TFT?

@bookwar @raphgro We are in :sunglasses: As there is some space left, we are allowed to make a booth registration today.

I am just registering the booth:

I have to add some information before I can finish the registration:
How many tables do you need (roughly 1.20m x 0.80m)?
→ I would say 2?
How many chairs do you need?
→ 4 or 5?

What do you think?

I add as participants Aleksandra, Raphael, me. Anyone else I should add?

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Yeah, great. You could look into old wiki pages for past events.

Do u have a link?

We will have some swag, stickers, and I’d bring my Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Blue if I get them running Fedora by then. This technically can fit onto one table.

Do we have something else to add, 3d-printer, monitor? I won’t be able to bring anything heavy :slight_smile:

Also I wonder if anyone in the area has a tablecloth or a banner…

If you want, I can bring a 24" (lcd with hdmi) screen if you need it. But I think this all fits on one table. So I register one table with 4 chairs.

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2019 did not really happen, it’s a placeholder obviously. Better try with 2017/18. Well, another badge would be awesome, I can take care.


24" is too small for presentation. We organized a bigger TFT but it’s located $somewhere and I’ve to ask Robert if available.

I just finished the registration. @bookwar @raphgro You are both registered as admins, so feel free to review/adjust the booth preferences.

Agreed. Unfortunately, I have only that one :slight_smile: But I can help with transportation if you can organize a bigger one.

I am already a member of the group, but I registered just a few months ago I think. Looking forward to future release partys.

Happy to help!

@bookwar Well, I mostly fail to speak german properly due to swabian.

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