Fedora at FrOSCon 2022: Presence?

Badge request Issue #879: Badge for visitor to the Fedora booth of FrOSCon 2022 - fedora-badges - Pagure.io

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My doctor told me to stick with the drugs because they are less addictive than badges :smiley:

Hey :slight_smile: If u need still help with Fedora presence I can help as well?

Well, it would be cool if someone can provide a TFT within at least 28" or up to 34" size.

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Well unfortunatly, I can’t provide this.
But I can be at the conf if people are still needed :slight_smile:

Hi, awesome that there are other Fedora Enthusiasts in the Bonn area. I will probably not feel comfortable to staff the booth this year. Maybe next year.
Some open air meetup about Fedora near Bonn, that’s something that I could see doing.


Hey all! If you are looking for support for this event with swag or a tablecloth please open a Mindshare ticket and we can assist :slight_smile: there is a swag request template available Issues - mindshare - Pagure.io

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Hey @riecatnor ! :slight_smile: I can open up a ticket if it 's okay for the others.

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opened up the ticket :slight_smile:


Just to avoid duplication of work: @bookwar haven’t you already organized swags and such?

I think just the tablecloth remains an open issue?

No, I haven’t created anything.

I have some swag from earlier days (buttons, stickers and even pins). But not much, and also all with the old logo. So these are now collector items, rather than a proper swag :slight_smile:

We maybe be need to request some large box of everything. With the intent to use it also later in the area, not just at that one event. Let’s make a request and see how far we go with it.

Also there is probably no “official” tablecloths as swag, but I think it is easy to find/make one. Something very blue, ranging from bed sheet to curtains or just a piece of cloth from a hobby store.

Sounds good!

@andilinux Thanks for opening the ticket :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

@josephdg Do you know if KDE will be present at FrOSCon ?