Fedora 40, Gnome 46, and RDP

Am I just being an idiot, or is there currently no real way to get any form of Gnome Screen Sharing / RDP up and running?

If I am being an idiot, a gentle nudge in the direction of some documentation would be greatly appreciated…

Hello @jabofh ,
Welcome to :fedora: !
Try this link to start Share your desktop

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If you haven’t already, I’d try updating as they pushed a new remote desktop package in the last few hours. After it’s installed (and likely reboot) the settings panels are at least working better.

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I can now connect (thanks @avongauss) but now I end up with a black screen…

Do we have any documentation regarding the config requirements? Sorry @jakfrost, but the documentation you point to seems to be for the old “Desktop Sharing” option, not the new “Remote Desktop” option.

Hi @jabofh ,
Sorry for that, I don’t use remote desktop capabilities so …

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