Remote Desktop on login screen

Hello, I can successfully remote desktop to my Fedora 39, however, once I log out or when I turn on my machine, I cannot remote desktop until I login.

I am using the built in Fedora sharing option, and using windows RDP on the client machine.

I also installed the gnome Allow Locked Remote Desktop extension, it is turned on, but still I cannot RDP wile logged out.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Login before trying to use the remote desktop!

Before login there is no desktop display running that can be connected to from the remote system.

You may be able to connect using ssh if you have that configured, but the desktop is not the same.

Thanks! I can SSH fine, but obviously I can’t unlock if from there. I thought this would be somehow possible but I guess it’s not.

There’s a chance it can work if you enable autologin, otherwise consider using VNC:
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