Fedora 39 Server does not boot on Raspberry Pi 4 from microSD card slot

When I try to boot Fedora Server 39 on Raspberry Pi 4 from the microSD card slot I get the following error on the U-Boot screen:

scanning bus xhci_pci for devices... Unexpected XHCI event TRB, skipping... (3db57620 00000004 01000000 01008401)

I installed the system with the following command:

sudo arm-image-installer --target=rpi4 --image=Fedora-Server-39-20231010.n.0.aarch64.raw.xz --media=/dev/sdc --resizefs --showboot --norootpass --args "nomodeset" --addkey /home/hricky/.ssh/id_ed25519.pub

When I insert the microSD card back into the card reader and plug it into the Raspberry Pi’s USB port, the system boots as expected.

Bootloadrer EEPROM was released on 2023-01-18 and is configured as USB Boot ie. boot from USB if available, otherwise boot from SD card.

Fedora-Minimal-39-20231010.n.0.aarch64.raw.xz, Fedora-Workstation-39-20231010.n.0.aarch64.raw.xz and Fedora-Server-38-1.6.aarch64.raw.xz images are booted from the SD card slot.

I haven’t reported this as a bug yet because I’m not sure if this is an isolated use case. So if you have the necessary hardware for this, please try to reproduce the issue and share your experience.

I get the same response using this arm installer configuration:
sudo arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Server-39_Beta-1.1.aarch64.raw.xz --media=/dev/sdf --target=rpi4 --addkey=/home/bgsmith/.ssh/id_ed25519.pub --norootpass --relabel --resizefs --norootpass --args “nomodeset”

This seems to be more of a common issue so I reported it as a bug.


The issue was resolved with arm-image-installer-3.9.2.