Fedora 39 Beta - PostgreSQL

I’m building a test website using Fedora 39 and I’m very happy with how things are going but I’m curious if PostgreSQL 16 is going to make it into Fedora 39 since it has been released in stable form since the 14th of September.

I’m new to Fedora so I’m not sure what their release process is. Do you think PostgreSQL 16 might make it in before Fedora 39 is released as stable?

The version you see in the beta will be the version used in f39.
Postgesql 16 was released too late to include in f39.
I would expect it in f40.

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You can understand the release process a bit better by looking at the release schedule:


Thank you both. That is useful information.

Also this F40 change proposal could be of interest: Changes/PostgreSQL 16 - Fedora Project Wiki

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Thank you!